Voyager Cloud PACS, connecting users regardless of location or bandwidth. Voyager PACS can be hosted on local platform, or through virtual and cloud based environments, connecting users via their own devices.


Voyager RIS provides and efficient workflow for your Imaging department from when a patient is scheduled, through arrival, examination, reporting and billing and results delivery.


Connecting remote Radiology clinics with Radiologists for fast and efficient diagnosis regardless of bandwidth limitations.

Image Distribution

Voyager Imaging provides several mechanisms for the provision of reports and image delivery to Referring Clinicians and Specialists.

Medical Imaging Products for Hospitals

Voyager Imaging is a division of Intellirad Solutions Pty Ltd of Australia. It designs and manufactures medical imaging products for hospitals, medical centres and medical groups. Voyager Imaging is Australia’s pioneering medical imaging company specializing in Teleradiology, Radiologist Workstation, Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) products. It is the fastest growing Australian RIS/PACS company with its Voyager range of products.

Voyager products are used by radiologists, cardiologists, radiographers, sonographers, clinical and medical professionals to provide radiology image acquisition, storage, transmission, reporting and reviewing functions for hospitals and clinics.


Voyager PACS is a web enabled, server based PACS that provides medical images of any patient to any doctor, anytime, anywhere. Voyager PACS provides image archiving, soft copy reporting, management and distribution functionality.


Our focus in developing Voyager RIS has been to provide clients with a flexible and highly functional system.

Voyager RIS provides integration and interaction with other software products. It has been designed to cater for all the requirements of radiology practices and departments.


Connecting remote Radiology clinics with Radiologists for fast and efficient diagnosis is important for remote communities and centers, regardless of bandwidth limitations. Voyager Teleradiology solutions provides a robust solution that connects these centers with Radiologists for fast review and result delivery to clinics and patients.


Image and Report distribution to Referring Clinicians, Specialists and Patients is the overarching requirement for the finalisation of the diagnostic process. Voyager Imaging connects these users with their Radiology specialists for fast efficient online access where users can choose between a modern Zero-Install HTML 5 browser viewer, mobile app, or a full diagnostic web based Windows/Mac viewer. Hard copy of images can be provided with our Voyager Automated CD/DVD Burn system.

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