Voyager RIS

Our focus in developing Voyager RIS has been to provide clients with a flexible and highly functional system.

Voyager RIS provides integration and interaction with other software products. It has been designed to cater for all the requirements of radiology practices.


Patient Registration

  • Multiple methods for finding
  • Multiple addresses and phone numbers for individual

Waiting Room

  • Provides an easy view for reception staff of patient arrival times, whether patients have been billed and
  • Multiple waiting rooms selection for Reception Staff, Reporting Staff and Doctors providing greater customised functionality.
  • Print camera, bag labels and Radiographer’s worksheet

Patient Accounting

  • Private, Workers Compensation and Third Party Billing, Receipting, Duplicates, Automatic Medicare Claim Form printing and Medicare bulk
  • No limit to number of Fee Levels per item in billing correct fee to respective accounts i.e. Private, Medicare Schedule or Rebate, Special Practice rates,
  • Patient and Payer (debtor) files are completely separate providing greater flexibility in billing and accounting functions.
  • Maximum gap calculations can be applied if required by individual


  • Multiple payment types cash, cheque, credit cards, Eftpos and
  • Full details of payment method are retained for future reference. Automatic gap receipt Partial or over payments (credit notes).


  • Cheques may be split over multiple accounts while still being reported as one cheque on bank deposit
  • Multiple invoices can be paid on one receipt including multiple patients linked to the same
  • Receipts can be applied across multiple
  • Detailed bank deposit slip generated for
  • Correction or reversal of receipts is simple and appears on the detailed audit

Bulk Billing

  • Medicare On-line.
  • Simple batching and receipting procedures. Allows you to make amendments at time of
  • Ability to quickly resubmit disputed or rejected forms in a resubmit batch to Medicare and perform a subsequent batch
  • Ability to view Medicare/Veterans Affairs batches on screen for easy


Debtor Control

  • Many debtor analysis reports are Accurate, date driven reports of outstanding balances.
  • Accounts Rendered with escalating, overdue
  • Flag bad debts or slow payers with comments against their account for quick

Master Files

  • Detailed external doctor database can be maintained including ability to flag with Preferences for Bag and Report
  • Multiple clinic address, phone numbers and provider numbers can be maintained for referring doctors.
  • Ease in updating Item information
  • Items can be grouped into defined categories for reference and provides for breakdown in financial and statistical information by item category and/or


  • Detailed financial and practice analysis reports are available. All Reports allow variable selection parameters

e.g. date range, multiple clinics/division and /or doctors.

  • Some financial and analysis reports can be obtained in graphical format either on screen and/or
  • Reports calculate at time of display or printing providing complete Reports can be exported to third party software such as Excel or Access.

Example reports include:


  • Patient lists
  • Doctor lists and labels including ability to group into categories or speciality
  • Item schedule lists


  • Daily audit trail (detailed & summary)
  • Bank deposit slips
  • Debtors aged trial balance with election for clinic/ division Debt collection and movement
  • Write-off and credit note reports

Practice Management

  • Referring doctor analysis reports
  • Item analysis available by category Doctors income & billing reports Practice/Clinic analysis
  • Patients seen & billing analysis

Patient reporting

  • Fully integrated with patient database and doctor database. Provides the ability to quickly produce personalised correspondence. Interface available for Word for Windows or Windows
  • Screen for Radiologists to quickly view previous patient reports.
  • Healthlink module provides secure emailing of
  • Voice Dictation & Recognition

Bookings system

  • Ability to search for first available appointment based on patient request and equipment
  • Bookings are based on procedure and linked to equipment, room and radiographer
  • Closed room and clinic days can be flagged to cater for equipment
  • Print day sheets for Radiologists and
  • Flag cancelled appointments. Reason for cancellation is
  • SMS Appointment Reminders


  • Print spooler management to control printer functions or redirect printing
  • Ability to interface with Telerad Software for import of images into Patient
  • Transaction rollback ensuring data security and integrity
  • Functional client-server networks providing for both small to large multi-site

All workstations have multi tasking

Third party software

  • Voyager RIS can interface with various third party software including Voyager PACS, Healthlink and Medicare On-Line.

Some Benefits of installing Voyager RIS

 Improve practice efficiency

  • Voyager RIS has designed a flexible and extremely easy to use system. Staff will quickly adapt to the system, which eliminates mundane and time consuming
  • With Voyager RIS multi-tasking functionality staff at the front desk can use their screen to simultaneously, register, bill, receipt, make appointments , increasing efficiency.
  • Practice management reporting is a simple task enabling you to monitor the complete operation of the practice

Reduction of errors

  • Voyager RIS provides an audit trail for the practice so that errors or fraud can be
  • Staff can confirm patient details on the system ensuring correct patient history files are selected and duplicates are

Improved patient service

  • Staff are able to spend more time assisting patients and doctors because routine accounting and patient reporting work is handled by the mi-Soft

Improved cash flow

  • Accounts rendered and detailed statements for workers compensation and third party can be produced as frequently as necessary to ensure debt levels are minimised.