Voyager Burn System

The Voyager Burn Module is a convenient way of creating CDs or DVDs of radiology examinations for distribution to patients

or referrers.


Studies can be sent to the CD/DVD workstation from a PACS workstation or direct from a DICOM modality. The media includes a DICOM viewer and is PDI Compliant. Images can be viewed using a PC or MAC. The Voyager Viewer application

provides the user with sophisticated tools for enhanced review and manipulation of the images. The system is available in the following configurations:


  • Automated CD/DVD Robot based burning on a standalone workstation allowing burning of studies from any modality (Rimage 2000i or Bravo 4102 models), or integrated with PACS and can be initiated from anywhere on the PACS network.
  • Optional DICOM Query Retrieve This allows for the Query and Retrieve from PACS or supported modalities.
  • Touch screen option with Bravo 4102 model Burner unit


For automated burning the Voyager Burn module is combined with a robotic burner that creates a CD or DVD on receipt of the study and labels the media with

patient and study details. Automatic detection of CD/DVD media, when Bravo is loaded with both.


Note – Some products, features or configurations may not be available in USA.