Products: Single Radiologist PACS

Voyager Single Radiologist PACS

The Voyager Single Radiologist PACS consists of a Diagnostic Workstation and a Web Server usually combined on the same hardware. The workstation can be configured to store studies either on its local disk or on external RAID for extended image storage capacity.

  • The Voyager Workstation can receive studies from local modalities or remote teleradiology sites. It can also support a film digitizer and document scanner if required. A radiologist typically reports on the system during the day.
  • While the radiologist is reporting up to 2 concurrent authorized users are able to access images via the web. Access can be for viewing within a clinic (e.g. radiographers or on-site referrers), for external referring doctors, or can be used by a radiologist for after-hours remote reporting.

This solution is ideal for a small practice or for a start-up practice where future growth is expected. The Single Radiologist PACS can easily be upgraded to a full PACS and web solution when additional radiologist workstations are required or when web access is required for more than the initial 2 concurrent users.


The Voyager Workstation utilizes advanced database options allowing long term storage of images, with configurable user worklists and advanced search functions to assist users with customizing the Voyager application to their exact needs.


The Web Server allows access by authorized users to the images stored on the PACS via LAN, WAN or Internet using Internet Explorer 9.0 or later on a standard Windows PC or laptop, or using other browser options.

Workstation user log in access is controlled by the Workstation Administrator. Remote users must also have access via the firewall to the network. Network access can be via Virtual Private Network (VPN) or by HTTPS.


  • Allows up to 2 concurrent web user access
  • Configurable desktop for users ensuring same configuration each time at log in
  • Customized user toolbar configuration
  • Customized user preferences
  • Window & Level (including W/L pre-sets)
  • Programmed mouse buttons for quick image manipulation
  • Modality defined image layout
  • Magnify, Zoom, Pan
  • Flip (left/right, top/bottom), Rotate
  • Annotations
  • Image inversion
  • Measurements, ROI, and Angles
  • True size image display (1:1)
  • Advanced comparison mode (with side by side, sheet mode, auto position matching)
  • Cine, Tile or Stack mode
  • Multiple enhancement tools
  • DICOM Printing
  • Database technology capable of storing and retrieving tens of thousands of studies
  • Multiple criteria for sorting of worklist entries
  • Customized worklist filters and searches
  • Image export
  • Upgradeable to full PACS/Web and PACS Workstation
  • Unlimited web users
  • Multiple radiologist support
  • Supports dual monitors for image display
  • DICOM Modality Worklist available as an option
  • Integration to RIS (HL7)
  • Supports launching of third party applications including 3D Advanced Visualization, dictation and orthopedic templating.
  • DICOM, JPEG and JPEG 2000 compliant
  • Fast access to images (images stored online)
  • Improved workflow and resource sharing resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs

Note – Some products, features or configurations may not be available in USA.