Products: Voyager Referrer Portal

Voyager Referrer Portal gives your referrers immediate online access to images and reports for patients that they have referred to you. They can choose between a modern Zero-Install browser viewer, mobile app, or a full diagnostic web based Windows/Mac viewer.

Your referrers can access the images either via a link in the report received by their Practice Management System/EMR, or via their own profile on the Voyager PACS system.

Voyager Referrer Portal allows you to store exams and reports for distribution to your clinical referrers, without the need to pass on film CD or DVD media. Exams can be stored on local PACS, Virtual PACS or Cloud PACS providing a secure and redundant access for all users, regardless of their location.

Voyager Referrer Portal is easy to configure for your clinicians and provides seamless connectivity to the imaging center and your referrers, for fast turnaround of patient results.

Features, Options and Benefits

For the Imaging Center

  • Cost savings from CD/DVD replacement
  • Improving patient satisfaction by providing a better patient service, and could improve referrals/revenue
  • Potential reduction in duplication of exams when images and reports are available when required

Benefits to the Referrer

  • No need to deal with Film, CD/DVD media
  • Secure real-time access to patient granted imaging records
  • Ease of access to view current and prior patient exams
  • Easy to view on any PC, MAC, Portable or Mobile device