Voyager Patient Portal

Give your patients direct online access to the images you have acquired for them.   You can provide a 12 digit secure code to the patient printed on a card, or you can provide a secure access via SMS to the patient, providing them with access to their entire imaging history at your practice.


Voyager Patient Portal transforms how you distribute images to your patients and allows all patient exams and reports to be stored online and accessible by patients, removing the need to provide expensive copies of Film, CD and DVD.   It empowers your patients by giving them access to their imaging results between facilities, physicians and other healthcare providers.


Voyager Patient Portal is a secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care.


Voyager Patient Portal provides a Zero Foot Print HTML5 viewer that is easy to use and access their patient records online from PC, MAC, Portable and Mobile devices.


Some of the Features, Options and Benefits of Voyager Patient Portal

For the Imaging Center

  • Cost savings from CD/DVD replacement
  • Improving patient satisfaction by providing a better patient service, and could improve referrals/revenue
  • Potential reduction in duplication of exams when images and reports are available when required

For the Patient

  • Empowerment, and inclusion in management of their healthcare
  • No hassle dealing with cumbersome DVD/CDs or film
  • Images remain private and secure – accessed only by those who are granted the access
  • Prior exams accessible when needed
  • Real-time sharing with physicians and specialists

Benefits to the Referrer

  • No need to deal with Film, CD/DVD media
  • Secure real-time access to patient granted imaging records
  • East of access to view current and prior patient exams
  • Easy to view on any PC, MAC, Portable or Mobile device