Voyager Integration

Voyager Integrator provides integration and connection to existing or new applications and systems within the radiology and hospital network.


RIS /HIS integration

Voyager Integrator can provide integration to Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Radiology Information Systems (RIS) through HL7, allowing connection and interface through industry standard protocols without the need for a proprietary interface. Custom proprietary interfaces can be provided on request for systems that are not HL7 compliant.


Desktop Synchronisation

Desktop synchronization with RIS can be provided through Voyager’s COM interface. This synchronization allows the RIS to drive the PACS. Selection of a study on the RIS worklist will cause the matching study to be displayed on the PACS.


Voyager DICOM Modality Worklist

The Voyager DICOM Modality Worklist module is a brokerless system providing DICOM worklist to compliant modalities*. Scheduling information from the RIS is passed to Voyager DMWL via HL7. Patient and study details are then passed to the modality and added to the modality’s worklist. The operator can then select the correct study from the worklist rather than re- entering the data.

This combination of HL7 integration to a HIS/RIS and the Voyager DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) provides a radiology network with a single point of entry for patient and study details.

Third party Applications

Other integration options include seamless interface and launching of third party applications with the Voyager workstation desktop. Such applications may include 3D image processing and digital dictation options.

*Modalities must support DICOM Modality Worklist Service Class as an SCU


Note – Some products, features or configurations may not be available in USA.