Voyager Cloud

Voyager Cloud PACS is a web enabled, server based PACS that provides medical images of any patient to any doctor, anytime, anywhere. Voyager PACS provides image archiving, soft copy reporting, management and distribution functionality.


Voyager Cloud allows exams to be stored in the Cloud, creating a virtual environment for healthcare specialists – Radiologist, Clinical Specialists, Hospital and Clinic staff, referring doctors and patient access, connecting users seamlessly from their location to the Voyager Cloud network.


Voyager Cloud provides a secure simplified interface to users for viewing, and a cost effective model for hospital administrators and IT departments with options such as pay as you go or per user models.


System Administrators and IT support can be significantly reduced through Voyager Cloud PACS by providing a simplified connectivity, interface and experience for all users.


Some of the Features, Options and Benefits of Voyager Cloud PACS

  • You can choose your own Cloud service provider
  • Allows users to seamlessly connect to Voyager Cloud service – Radiologists, Clinical Specialists, referring doctors, patients
  • High Performance, Availability, Security and Redundancy
  • Highly accessible 24/7 to stored data
  • Fully Web based viewing for all types of users – Voyager diagnostic, Zero Foot print (HTML5) and Mobile App
  • Low cost entry and scalable from a small site to enterprise distributed network
  • Exam storage scalable from short term to long term Archive
  • Patient Portal allowing patient access to images and reports, and no need for CD/DVD’s or film copies
  • DICOM, JPEG and JPEG 2000 compliant
  • Voyager team highly experienced with more than 20+ years in medical imaging and interconnectivity